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Pool Liners

Doughboy is the only above ground pool manufacturer that is also a principal producer of virgin vinyl liner material. Our liners are made to the original and exclusive Doughboy specifications to guarantee exceptional quality.Our special vinyl formulation, manufactured by Doughboy to our rigid specifications, offers a soft, flexible, top-quality liner.

Exclusive! Therma-Seal™ Technology. This proprietary fusion method provides superior sealing for maximum durability and quality. Unmatched in the industry. We are so confident with this process that we cover the seams of our liners 100% for a lifetime.

Exclusive! Virgin Vinyl Liner Material. No Reprocessed Material is Used. Contains vinyl treatments for chemical and ultravoiolet (UV) ray resistance. Liners will not split or crack even at freezing temperatures.

Uniform Thickness, Softness and Flexibility ensures maximum quality, liner longevity and easy installation.

No Clay Fillers Used to Add to Thickness Rating provides vinyl softness and pliability for more years of service.

3/100 Liner Warranty, 15-30 Year Limited Warranties on liners. The first 3 years of the liner warranty are covered 100% against maufacturer defects. Remainder of warranty is prorated.

Overlap Liner Features & Benefits

Exclusive! 20 and 25 Mil "True" Exandable Liners. No "Hopper Bottoms". Our expandable liners are designed to expand smoothly into an optional special purpose deep swimming area. FOR UNDERWATER SWIMMING ONLY. NO JUMPING. NO DIVING.

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Above Ground
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EZ Clip Liners
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